Add to Cart

When you like a product, press the “Add to Cart” button. When you add the product to the cart, the website will take you to the shopping cart page. To show us what products are already added to the cart. If you want to continue shopping, press “Continue Shopping”.



When you are satisfied with your purchase, press the “Checkout” or “Pay” button to proceed to the next step of your purchase. or apply for a new member order confirmation Then fill in the shipping address (only for the first time). Once all information is filled in correctly, press the “Continue” button until you reach the “Confirm Order” button.


Check Email

When you press the order button You will receive 1 e-mail, please login to your e-mail system to check your e-mail from us. In it will specify all the details of the order. including the account number for transferring money.


Transfer money for products

Once the information is correct Let you transfer money for the product If there is no transfer within 2 days, the shop reserves the right. cancel the said order to bring the product back to selling to other customers


Payment Notification

You can inform the payment for the product at the menu of the transfer notification in the menu above or click “Confirm Payment”


Waiting to receive the products

After notifying the money transfer You can wait to receive the product with peace of mind. The product will arrive at hand within 1-2 days and the parcel number will be notified via email when we send the product.